Monday, June 1, 2015

ABC - Brown Butter Banana Bread

This is a super late blog post but as they say, better late than never :) It will also be super short. Things have been hectic lately but in a fun way (long overseas vacation, mom currently visiting me).

Moist brown butter banana bread

Our ABC recipe for the month of May, Brown Butter Banana Bread, was made a while ago. Having baked numerous banana breads, I was intrigued by the brown butter aspect in this recipe. The process of making browned butter (or beurre noisette as it's called in Fancy Land), is mesmerizing. I have to admit that the browned butter flavor was lost in the end, overwhelmed by the chocolate and banana. It was still a lovely banana bread though, moist and not too dense.

I like to use mini chocolate chips for better chocolate flavor distribution

Moist and airy
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