Sunday, September 5, 2010

SMS - Crêpes

It's been a while since baked along other SMS-ers but now I'm back. On this week's menu: Mom's French Pancakes (aka crêpes), chosen by Jaime of Good Eats 'n Sweet Treats. What a perfect choice to ease back into SMS baking. It's easy, no oven required, and it's delicious. Thank you, Jaime, for such a wonderful pick.

Growing up, my sisters and I used to eat crêpes a lot. In Dutch they're called "pannekoeken". Made either from scratch or from a mix. We would fill them with jam, or drizzle them with honey or "stroop" which is a dark sugar-based syrup (darker and thicker than the pancake syrup here), or... (don't laugh) brown sugar. Guess which one was my favorite filling? :o)

I made the batter last night using my immersion blender (quarter recipe). When I got up in the morning around 4:30am, I made 4 crêpes. I ate 2: one filled with homemade Plum Preserves and the other filled with... I'll let you guess that one :o) I'm fully prepared to be ridiculed :o)

A quarter recipe gave me 4 beautiful crêpes

Perfect breakfast: a Plum Jam filled crêpe, a brown sugar filled crêpe and some grapes! Bon appetit!

Final thoughts/tips:
  • I made a couple changes to the recipe: I added a bit of vanilla and I used 1% milk without any problems.
  • When you flip the crêpe over, I like to lightly press and continuously rotate it so it gets browned evenly all over.
  • My go-to recipe for crêpes has a lower egg-to-milk/flour ratio which I prefer, but Melissa's crêpes were very tasty too.
  • A big thanks to Jaime for a wonderful pick. You can find the recipe HERE.
  • Don't forget to check out the other SMS bakers.


  1. I often eat crêpes for breakfast on weekends! Sometimes these are thin crêpes like yours, sometimes pancakes, much thicker! I love it!!! I eat them with lots of maple syrup ... I should have to cook crêpes this morning ... Probably the next weekend :)

  2. These look like the perfect breakfast! I would probably fill them with Nutella because it's never too early to for chocolate! Have a wonderful night tonight, Hanaa!

  3. what's wrong with brown sugar? :) yum. plum sounds delightful too! thanks for joining me this week! :)

  4. Hey Hanaa! It's good to visit your blog again, I have missed you.

    Your crepes look fabulous! Im sure you are enjoying that new kitchen still!
    Did you ever enter food in the fair this year, or is that coming up? I did not enter this year.

  5. @Victoria: you can never go wrong with crêpes for breakfast. A few years ago, I filled them ice cream and macerated strawberries and served them for dessert :o)

    @Leslie: Nutella sounds great too. Too bad I can't eat hazelnuts anymore. You have a blessed night too, Leslie.

    @Jaime: there's absolutely *nothing* wrong with brown sugar :o) Thanks again for a great pick!

    @FlourChild: thank you for stopping by. I missed you too. I entered the Fair this year. I posted the results a couple posts before this one. I'll hop by your blog and leave you a link to it.

    @Vicki: I love crêpes too. Always have! It's been a while since I made so this was perfect timing!

  6. i love crepes but i always too chicken to make it cos i worry that the batter won't be that thin and nice and i'm afraid to flip! Yummy!

  7. Hanaa, I love your fillings and little crepes. Brown sugar would taste great with grapes. You know, the Julie and Julia movie gets me every time and I always wish there was more of Julia in less of Julie just because Meryl Streep was that good! I have to laugh because I used every single sauce pan in my cupboards to make the crepe mold, about 5 in total. The mold was perfection though. Thank goodness Larry helped me with dishes. Are you going to be baking or have already baked the golden ingots? Hope you are having a nice weekend and talk to you soon, Hugs, Shandy

  8. Your crepes came our beautifully and I love your fillings. I am with you on both of them.

    I have not written about the baking clubs and had to put it off to October. You are on my mind, though.

    I love your new badge.

  9. I like that you made some changes to the recipe. I think I will try a few those changes next time I make them. Brown Sugar, I never even thought about that! Yummy!

  10. I didn't have time to make these this week; thanks for your recommendations for tweaking the recipe. I might try them sometime this week.

    Off-topic,back in 1987, I was in Amsterdam and fell in love with Stroopwafeln, which at that time were not readily available in the US. I came home bearing pounds of them, both to stock and to give away. Do you buy stroop in bottles like pancake syrup? I always thought it was caramel.

  11. @Faithy: You're missing out! It just takes a little practice, that's all. Compared to the kind of cakes you make, crêpes are a piece of cake, haha.

    @Shandy: thank you! Meryl Streep was phenomenal in that movie. I was going to bake the Golden Ingots but since I also have to bake the ABC Choc Cake today, I think I might have to pass on the Ingots.

    @Sweet and Savory: thank you! Yeah, I checked your blog a few times. I figured you got busy. No problem! Thanks for doing that.

    @cake-drama: brown sugar rocks! I love it! :o) Thanks for stopping by.

    @rebecca: they were a snap to make so definitely give them a try. I love stroopwafels and always bring back a few packages. I'm not as generous as you and never give any away, haha. Yes, stroop is in bottles like pancake syrup. It's pretty thick but I'd say it's slightly runnier than molasses, but it's that color. So when's your next trip to Amsterdam? :o)

  12. Your crepes look perfect, a great breakfast! Adding a hint of vanilla sounds like a good idea; I will try that next time.

    Thanks for your suggestions for the cake! I decided to fill it with whipped chocolate ganache and top it with a chocolate glaze. I found recipes for both in Alice Medrich's "Bittersweet." I'll let you know how it turns out.

  13. Gorgeous crepes Hanaa! Crepes are an equal opportunity filling provider! Brown sugar sounds like a perfectly good choice to me! Thanks for the suggestion you left on my blog about putting the bananas in the batter....carmelized bananas sound amazing! Will give that a try next time.

  14. Beautiful crepes! I used a whisk, didn't even think about my immersion blender. Love the fillings you used.

  15. Hanaa, hello! I wanted to let you know I am still posting the cake for the ABC group. I am just running one day behind for everything. Crazy! Hope you are doing good and not as busy as you have been. Talk to you soon, hugs Shandy.


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