Sunday, October 2, 2011

BOM: Fig and Almond Bread

This is my first time baking along the Artisan Bread Bakers on Facebook and I'm already late (sorry Phyl!). Better late than never, right? BOM stands for Bread of the Month and is hosted by blogging buddy, Phyl. For September's BOM he chose Nick Malgieri's Fig and Almond Bread. This recipe is a sneak preview from Nick's upcoming book, to be published in 2012. This recipe came with weight measurements which scored points with me right away but even without that, I'm a big Nick Malgieri fan. Judging from this recipe alone, I'm already looking forward to his new book.

Bread studded with apricots and almonds

The bread is a simple yeast bread, made with 20% WW flour (which caught my attention immediately), studded with whole almonds and figs (or in my case, dried apricots). You can definitely use it for savory sandwiches because it's barely sweet. We had some with Pepper Jack cheese and some with homemade grape jelly. It works great for both.

I made the dough in the bread machine and added the "fix-ins" in the last few minutes of kneading. The dough had a silky smooth texture to it and was very easy to work with and only slightly tacky. I would definitely make this bread again and play with the "fix-ins". Replace the dried fruit with craisins, and you got yourself a perfect bread to make sandwiches with the day after Thanksgiving.

Bon appetit!

Final thoughts/tips:
  • The bread has great flavor and is very versatile. Hubby and I both liked it a lot. This was my first time eating almonds in a "regular" bread and I really liked the nuttiness and the slight sweetness that added. Would definitely make it again.
  • If you've visited my blog before, you know I almost always make changes to recipes and this one was no exception :o) They're listed below.
  • Used barley malt syrup for the sugar, dried apricots (115 gr) for the figs, and less almonds (90 gr).
  • Adds: 7 gr of vital wheat gluten (for a little insurance) and 1/3 cup or 23 gr non-fat dry milk powder (for added nutrition), and 2 tsp of vegetable oil.
  • Things I'd do different next time: let the dough rise just a few minutes after flattening. I'm hoping that will lighten the interior a little bit (but I'm not sure).


  1. Looks fabulous! Love the idea of using dried apricots in this, will give that a try.

  2. Your bread looks great! I love the look of the apricots. And I agree, this would be a great turkey leftover bread if you made it with dried cranberries.

  3. what a nice bread! looks fantastic

  4. It wouldn't be you without modifications Hanaa. The bread looks awesome. Congrats!

  5. Your loaves look wonderful!! I will have to try some of your suggested changes next time I make this. We really loved this bread too.

  6. And another one to conquer the yeasty fear! Well done Hanâa, looking real good.

  7. @Kayte: thank you. I really liked the dried apricots in this bread. Give it a try.

    @gaaarp: thanks! I can't wait to make this bread again and play with the recipe a bit more. And thanks for a great recipe selection.

    @Snooky Doodle: thank you.

    @Jenn: you're right, I always make modifications. I guess I can't help myself. Thanks for your compliments on the bread :o)

    @Melanie: thank you so much! Yours look very nice too.

    @Baking Soda: you got it. One loaf at a time until the yeast beast is defeated :o) Thanks for liking my bread. Coming from you, that means a lot!!


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