Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ABC - Cupid's Strawberry Cake

Today's ABC recipe, Cupid's Strawberry Cake, was chosen by Alice of My Adventures in Baking. I "met" Alice via a different baking group called Heavenly Cake Bakers. Her posts are always fun to read and her step-by-step pictures are great!

I love strawberries so Alice couldn't have picked a better recipe. I started by making 1/3 of Flo's Signature Yellow Cake in two 6" cake pans. And that's where it ended. When I read there were egg yolks in the frosting, my baking project came to a screeching halt (I read the recipe so many times but somehow missed that aspect). If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I don't consume raw or barely cooked eggs. So I came up with plan B: make a jam-infused whipped cream frosting instead. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet (we had 130lbs of concord grapes from our grapevine to attend to) and I still have two sad-looking and unfrosted 6" cakes :o(

Instead, I'll share with you pictures of a tea cake I made a while back, using Flo's Signature Yellow Cake recipe.

The crumb was perfect - moist, tender but sturdy enough to hold any frosting


Homemade fruit preserves

Lightly toasted sliced almonds

Bon appetit!
Final thoughts/tips:
  • All I remember about this cake is how wonderfully moist and tender it was. It also had a great buttery flavor without being too rich.
  • Check out what the other ABC-ers thought about Cupid's Strawberry Cake.


  1. I loved this recipe. It was delicious and the yellow cake is by far one of the best I have made.



  2. ב''ה

    Mmm. Looks great!

    Sifre day'me!

  3. (I hope my comment works this time!) This combo - toasted almonds and jam - looks really delicious.

    I hope you haven't been buried in your grapes - can't wait to hear what you do with them all!


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