Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TBB - Honey Cake

As I'm typing this, I just pulled out another batch of Rose's Granola out of the oven. The smell of toasted almonds and cinnamon wafting through the air, penetrating every room in the house, is amazing.

I digress. Back to the Honey Cake.

I can't believe I made this cake exactly a year ago, when the recipe was published on the NPR site. With nothing to compare it to, and not sure about all the sweet ingredients in the cake, I made half the recipe in my smaller tube pan which I brought back with me from Morocco a few years back. I decreased the sugar by 1/8 cup (which is 1/4 cup if you're making the full recipe). The alcohol in the recipe got replaced by more OJ.

Sweet and moist Honey Cake. Bon Appetit!

Final thoughts/tips:

  • Hubby loved the cake, but did note that it was a bit on the sweet side.
  • I liked the cake too. I had never eaten Honey Cake before so I wasn't sure how "authentic" it was. It was definitely nice and moist with a somewhat complex flavor profile (must be from the coffee). Not sure I'd make it again though.
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  1. Looks fabulous! I remembered this cake of yours.. cos after I see your parchment collar inside then I realised I read wrongly by putting the newspaper on outside..lol!

  2. I love this cute little cake pan! It's the perfect size. This made quite a large cake; I gave a lot of it away. Your cake crumb looks perfect.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on cutting down the sugar. I think it would have been way too sweet for me at the full amount. The smaller cake looks like a good size.

  4. I cant believe i skipped the part where it say to line a parchment oh well...your cake came out great!


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