Monday, May 19, 2014

ABC - English Digestives Biscuits

Growing up, I ate a lot of Digestives. They were cheap and readily available at any grocery store. When I came across the English Digestives Biscuits recipe on the King Arthur Flour website, I knew I had to give them a try. That's exactly how they landed on our ABC recipe list for this month.

English Digestives. Yum!

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I made these cookies twice (that's how much we liked them). The first time, I made half the recipe. The second time, the full recipe of course! The dough was a breeze to make and so was rolling it out, even without refrigeration.

I was visiting family overseas, so I had a little helper (my 6-year old niece). She did a great job poking holes in the cookies with her fork :o)

I used a pastry wheel to cut the rolled out dough. Pretty edges huh?

Crispy. Flavorful. Will definitely  make again and again. Bon appetit!

Final thoughts:

  • I was lucky to have easy access to European butter while vacationing in Holland so that's what I used. I'm sure any butter would do fine.
  • It surprised me that the recipe didn't call for any salt, so naturally I added a pinch or two.
  • For flavor, I thought it would be fun to pair these cookies with cinnamon. Here too, I added a healthy pinch of ground cinnamon.
  • Instead of using 3 oz of powdered sugar, I used 2 oz of dark brown sugar and only 1 oz of powdered sugar.
  • When making the second batch, I used 100% whole wheat flour and a couple tablespoons of ground flax seeds. They were even better than the first batch. Will definitely make them this way from now on.
  • If I were to start making these more often (for "healthy" snacking), I might reduce the sugar a touch.
  • You can find the original recipe HERE.
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  1. Those little hands are so adorable. =) Love little helpers!

  2. Whole Grain is the way to go - I'm sure they were very tasty with whole wheat. Europeans don't usually add salt to sweet pastry, or only a pinch, if any. My grandmother told me to add: "A pinch of salt in every sweet pastry, a pinch of sugar in any savory pastry.

    1. Whole grain worked so well. No reason not to use it. Your grandmother was a smart lady :)

  3. Did Henry's qualify as a digestive? Lol.

  4. Yes, they were good, weren't they? Loved the addition of flaxseeds, will try that the next time.


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