Thursday, August 18, 2011

Snap Thursday - Rose

My friend Jenn over at Knitty Baker came up with this wonderful idea: Snap Thursday. Every Thursday she'll be posting 1-2 pictures she took of interesting (non-food) stuff. I've decided to join her in that journey because I really need to work on my photography skills (big time). So today I have for you a picture of a beautiful cream-colored rose, straight from my flower garden. I took the picture after it rained so you can still see some water drops on the petals. Lovely!


  1. Ohh pretty.... I so wish I can grow roses... but the heat is just to much for them... they barely last.

  2. Lovely, Hanaa! I love the water droplets on the rose petals.

    I love Jenn's Snap Thursday idea so much that I suggested she host a link party each week so we could join her. I'd love to participate.


  3. Did you know TPT channel 2 is having a photo contest? There are many and flowers are a couple of them. I uploaded the max 20 photos.
    You should enter some! Here is the link:

  4. I start checking competition results on line Wed. night...this year I think I'm just going to be patient..the stats are never posted Wed. night!!! Good luck to you...first time I've "known" someone competing in the same categories!

  5. So pretty - you can almost smell the delicate perfume.


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