Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grape jelly

To make homemade grape jelly, one has to start with good quality grapes. Our grapevine gave us lots of beautiful concord grapes this year. Although a bit too sour to eat plain, they have a deep rich grape-y taste. We've allowed the grapes to fully mature on the vine and soak up as much as sun as possible to develop that wonderful flavor. We've also refrained from spraying the vine with pesticides and insecticides.

We harvested the grapes from the vine and removed them from their stems. After thoroughly washing the grapes, they were now ready to be processed. The plan: Homemade Concord Grape Jelly. It's the best. I just love the sweet and tart flavor combo.

We make our all natural grape jelly with concord grapes, sugar, water, and fruit pectin. Each pint of grape jelly contains a pound of concord grapes. There is real grapes in here!!! :o)

Unfortunately, there one disadvantage to this grape jelly. Once you taste it and experience the intense grape-y flavor, it's hard to go back to store bought jelly. With that said... Got sandwich bread?


  1. How absolutely wonderful! I find myself reaching out into the screen & trying to get to the jar! I love the tart & sweet combination too Hanaa. Wish I lived next door!!

  2. Hanaa, I love concord grapes! I don't mind their sourness. Your jelly must be delicious!
    P.S. Thank you for leaving a feedback on my blog. I appreciate it!

  3. @Passionate:
    Thank you both for your nice comments. The jelly is truly delicious. We've gone through a pint jar already. It's so thick and fruity, unlike the watery/sugary stuff from the store. We're totally spoiled now... :o)

  4. Grape I shud give it a any case I don't have the patience..i just keep poppin' them in my

    Hi first time here, new to baby (read blog) is just 2 months stop by if u have a chance. :)

  5. Love to make jams and jellies, I tried grape jelly before but the color was definitely off and the taste bland... wonder if it was my neighbours grapes or my jamability?

  6. @BakingSoda: we use homegrown concord grapes to make grape jelly. They're pretty tart to eat plain. As for the recipe, we follow the grape jelly recipe that comes in the fruit pectin box ("Balls"). Good luck!


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