Saturday, April 30, 2016

ABC - Kersenvlaai: cherry pie with bread dough

The ABC recipe for April is a typical Dutch pastry called "vlaai" which is loosely translated to pie. Essentially it's a pie-like pastry made with a lightly sweetened yeast dough, and as with any pie, the filling variations are endless. For this month, we made Kersenvlaai which is made with cherries.

My modified Kersenvlaai which turned out to be more like a sweet calzone :)

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I had some issues thickening the filling so upon combining the filling and the dough, it became one soupy mess, so I ended up folding half of the dough over the cherries, and pinching the dough seams together to prevent leakage. Well, that didn't really work too well and I ended up with a big sticky oven mess. Moral of the story is, the cherries in syrup I used and the arrowroot starch I subbed for the tapioca/potato starch just didn't work. You win some, you lose some, I guess :)

I have to admit that the dough was lovely, very soft and easy to work with. It was light and airy after baking too. The cherries themselves were very tasty. Somehow the "sauce" aspect just went terribly wrong. Will have to redo it sometime.

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  1. You say it was all soupy, but it looks quite dry in these photos. Where did all the sauce go? So did you save that jar from the cherries? It's very fancy!

  2. I did save that fancy jar :)
    After distributing the filling onto the dough, it started spreading pretty quickly, so I pushed all the cherries to one side and scooped up the juices with both hands and discarded it. Then I folded one half of the dough over the other (calzone style) and baked it :)


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