Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ABC - Crusty Apple Pie

Do you also associate Fall with apples? I love apples and I love baking with apples even more. Hence, this month's ABC recipe: Crusty Apple Pie from King Arthur Flour. What's not to like about cinnamon sugary apples hugged by a beautifully golden and flaky crust made with butter and cream cheese?

Slice of Crusty Apple Pie

If you'd like to join the ABC bakers in their monthly baking adventures, please go to the ABC blog for more information.

The crust was really easy to make. I loved that it had cream cheese and buttermilk powder which gave it a slight tang. I did add a teaspoon of sugar to the dough. I actually didn't have enough cream cheese (3 oz) so I ended up adding 1 oz of sour cream. Worked great!

Mmmm... yummy apple pie!

Final thoughts:

  • I took this to a dinner party. It was a huge hit with adults and kids alike.
  • I loved the incredibly flaky crust. I was afraid that I had made the dough too wet. Given the flaky texture, I guess it wasn't too wet. The apples were cooked to perfection (I used 3 golden delicious apples), nice and tender without being mushy and holding their shape.
  • What I loved most about this recipe is that you can feed an army with it. I made a 12" pie (almost a pizza), and after some folks had seconds, there was still a quarter pie left.
  • Hubby didn't have any because it was a "girls only" dinner party :o)
  • Changes: added 1 Tbsp of AP flour to the sugar/cinnamon mixture. Also tossed ~2 tsp of AP flour on the apples slices. Right before putting on the top crust, I dusted the apples with some cinnamon.
  • I will definitely bake this again. Now I understand why some people commented that this is their go-to apple pie recipe.
  • You can find the recipe HERE and step-by-step pictures on the KAF blog HERE.
  • Don't forget to check out the other ABC bakers.


  1. Wow, looks delicious! I want to make sure I can fully taste this before I make it! (Still congested.)

  2. Hi Hanaa,
    Thanks for yet another lovely pick. This pie was delicious, it was a hit in my house too!

  3. Yes, I like the amount of apples you used, that's the way. I thought the recipe had to few on weight. Love the flakyness!

  4. Your pie looks delicious, Hanaâ! I prefer more fruit filling in my pie but this crust recipe is definitely a keeper. Thanks for another great pick!

  5. My pie looks almost the same, we are still eating it. It's a great recipe, I used the fallen apples we had found at the road side, they are much better than anything you can buy in the supermarket.

  6. This pie photo is making my mouth water. I am a crust person. Most fillings are ok with me. Most crusts fall short. I'll bet I'd like this one!!! Did you enter anything into the State Fair? I can't remember if we talked about it.

  7. Love the stars!! Great choice of recipe. The crust was very crisp and super easy to handle.

  8. Looks crispy indeed! Love how you assembled the pie:D

  9. I want a piece of that right now! Looks amazing!

  10. Love this one too! Finally made it today.


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