Sunday, August 16, 2009

Truffle Varieties and Ideas (no SMS)

Although I skipped this week's SMS challenge, which was Hazelnut Truffles, I wanted to share with you pictures of truffles I have made in the past. I have played with various flavor and texture combinations and they were all very tasty. My base recipe for truffles is from a book called The Ultimate Candy Book (absolutely love this book). As for the variations, you just let your imagination and creativity run wild :o)

Annie of Living Life Foodcariously chose this week's SMS recipe. You can find the recipe here. Don't forget to check out the creativity of other SMS bakers during truffle week.

Simply roll ganache in cocoa powder for a big, dark and bitter chocolate punch followed by the smooth and creamy chocolate ganache finish

Raspberry-flavored ganache truffles coated with finely chopped good-quality white chocolate

Almond-flavored ganache truffles with unblanched toasted almonds for a nice crunch

Mint-flavored ganache truffles coated with finely chopped good-quality milk chocolate

Vanilla-flavored ganache truffles dipped in tempered good-quality milk chocolate
(these were wedding favors for a friend)


  1. What a beautiful variety of truffles!

    Katie xox

  2. wow love the variety! They all look so pretty!

  3. That is an impressive array of truffles. As an experienced truffle-maker, do you know if truffles freeze?

  4. Thank you very much for your kind comments!

    @Margot: I have frozen truffles before without any issues. Just make sure you wrap them really well. And thaw them in the refrigerator overnight.

  5. Wow, that's an amazing spread. what size scoop do you use?

  6. Great ideas! I almost rolled mine in dark cocoa but i was deathly afraid of the initial bitter bite.... so i chickened out.

    The ganache dipped ones look amazing!

  7. @Mermaid Sweets: I don't use a scoop. I weigh each one and make them all 1/2 ounce in weight so that they're all the same.

    @k.a.r.e.n: you totally have to try it with cocoa powder. It's a little bit bitter but then the creaminess of the truffle's center completely washes away all the bitterness.

  8. I love the idea of rolling the ganache in finely chopped chocolate! All of your truffles look wonderful!

  9. My goodness, Hanaâ! Did you forget to tell me you were opening a chocolate shop? What an amazing variety of sweets, and such creative combinations of textures and flavors! Beautiful as always! You'll have to teach me your technique for tempering chocolate- I've always been intimidated by that process, but I'm sure you're a master at it!

    Great job on knocking out 6 items on your list this weekend... you're doing great! Did everything come out the way you wanted?

    I'm super excited to be hosting SMS this week, and I'm so glad you'll be baking along with me- it just wouldn't be the same without you! Hope you're doing well, and I'll definitely talk to you again soon- if you have a minute, email me and let me know what's going on with you and more about everything you made this weekend! :)


  10. Wow, the ones with the chopped chocolate look gorgeous!! Looks like you have quite a bit of truffle-making experience!! (Ps- the fave of my variation - definitely the rice krispies. added such a nice crunch to contrast with that inside creaminess!) :)

  11. I tried making these a while back and they were good and rich, but lacked fancyness. I think you pretty much beat me on that front. You rock my truffle-making socks off! An mint truffles?? HELLO!



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