Sunday, February 21, 2010

ABC of the Month

Important update 1/9/2012:

Changes have been made to the ABC baking group. Please click HERE to read the latest information about the group and how to join.

Starting March of 2010, my friend Wafae and I will be launching a new monthly baking project, called the "ABC of the Month", which stands for the "Avid Baker's Challenge of the Month". Each month, one of us picks a recipe. We alternate every month. And on every first Tuesday of the month, we'll post our experiences and photos of the baked creation, but never the original recipe from the book, as we'd like to encourage everyone to buy the book.

For the year 2010, we've chosen to bake from Flo Braker's "Baking For All Occasions". We are in no way affiliated with Flo Braker. We're just fans of her books.

At this time, the plan is to pick a different book for 2011 to bake from. The final decision on this will come at the end of this year.

If you have the book or have easy access to the book, and would like to join us, please email me.


  1. Oh, this is tempting. I have that book and feel like I should use it more often 'cos it has great recipes; I'm going to have to think about joining you.

  2. ב''ה

    Nice to see two friends giving each other encouragement. Good luck!

  3. @Margot: it would be great to have you join us. I agree, it is a great book with fun and tasty recipes.

    @Mendy: thank you! We're looking forward to this new project :o)

  4. This is tempting for me too since i have the book too! LOL! But the last i baked from Flo Braker's older book i was quite disappointed with outcome though.

  5. as if you don't have enough baking projects...
    I would like to add another project for you as well. Once a month to fly out to DC and bake a cake that I will decorate! how'z that for a challenge? I promise free room and board.
    good luck with your ABC - I love reading about our baking adventures!

  6. @Faithy: it would be nice to have you. It's a great book.

    @Anat: you're funny. Thanks for the invite. I'll let you know if I'm in the neighborhood :o)

  7. Hi Hanaa - This sounds like a great project... you might get me hooked on another cookbook!

    Thanks for your message - I had been a little under the weather, which meant I took a break from the computer for a few days. Then I decided to extend the break to catch up on this and that - a "blog-cation" as they say.

    I'll be back to the usual soon - I'll be doing a giveaway on my blog so you'll have to check it out. Stay tuned.


  8. Hanaa, now I have to you back and check my blog but I am pretty sure the picture of the apron is in the middle of the blog; after cookies and before the pasta dish =)

    My hubby thought about the cookie, looked at it as if there was something crawling on it, took a gingerly nibble on the very edge, then took a BIG bite. I guess he deemed the cookie as not tasting healthy so it was okay to eat. Sometimes he can be SO strange!
    You made the cookie recipe already a year ago? I am surprised you can still remember it so you must have liked it.

    I love your baking project idea! You are amazing!

  9. Hanaa, you are doing this and HCB? wohoo!! You go girl!

  10. Hanaa, I have that book. It's really good. Sounds like an interesting group. TO answer your question about the lemon loaf, you use room temperature butter, not melted. Ta!

  11. Hanaa, What fun to have another group! I may be able to join in later, but right now am having a hard time keeping up with RHB! Will be watching with interest, best, joan

  12. I have the book and I have not really gotten to use it. I am afraid of making another commitment but I do enjoy my baking groups a lot more than my cooking groups.

    I would like to give this a shot and I would be willing to give up a weekly cooking group for this even especially since it is monthly. Count me in.

  13. When do we post the May bake?


    any time?

    at the end of May?

    Thanks for your comments at my blog.


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