About me

My name is Hanaâ and I welcome you to my kitchen. Although I love to cook and enjoy the creative process behind it, my true passion is baking. I read cookbooks and cooking magazines like novels which is why there's always a big pile of them on my nightstand :o)

When I started blogging, I learned there are many people out there who enjoy baking as much as I do. One of the things that interests me about baking is the science behind it (I know, I'm such a geek!). I always like to know about the hows and the whys of certain things, whether it's the amount/kind of leavening used or the mixing method. I also like to play with recipes and make them "my own", by tweaking them to my taste. I can always count on my very special taste tester for feedback: my husband. He is always brutally honest; too honest sometimes, if you ask me :o) Almost every post includes his 1-to-10 rating.

Please make yourself at home on my blog and stay a while. I welcome your comments and enjoy reading every one of them.