Sunday, November 3, 2013

ABC - Cinnamon-Swirl Pumpkin Rolls

I love cinnamon rolls. Homemade cinnamon rolls, that is (don't care much for the mass-produced ones you get at that famous Cinnamon Roll chain). When I came across a pumpkin version on the King Arthur Flour website, I knew I had to try it. I actually made these back in April of this year and after the first bite, I decided that these needed to be a recipe for our ABC club. And here we are making the Cinnamon-Swirl Pumpkin Rolls :o)

Soft and fluffy Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

If you'd like to join the ABC bakers in their monthly baking adventures, please go to the ABC blog for more information.

I made half the recipe and used the Dough Cycle on my bread machine for the dough. Super easy! I refrigerated the dough after the first rise for easy handling. For the filling, I used half brown sugar, and half granulated sugar, and ground cinnamon. I might consider craisins and crystallized ginger pieces for next time for a different taste.

Ready for the first rise

After the first rise, they filled up the pan nicely

Even with half the recipe, I made 12 small-medium sized cinnamon rolls. I can't imagine how the whole batch would have made 9 cinnamon rolls. I hope the inside cooks well and doesn't stay dough-y.

I rolled up the dough a little too tight which caused some of the rolls to coil up. Didn't affect the taste at all :o)

KAF posted really nice step-by-step pictures on their blog. You can find it here HERE.

Final thoughts/tips:

  • These cinnamon rolls baked up beautifully. They were soft and fluffy, and not overly sweet. I skipped the glaze which nobody missed. If I were to use a glaze, I'd use a cream cheese glaze. My favorite glaze is from Alton Brown's "Overnight Cinnamon Rolls".
  • This recipe is a keeper. I served these as dessert with Moroccan mint tea and they were a big hit.
  • My changes: used half butter and half oil.
  • Don't forget to check out the blog posts on this from other ABC bakers.
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  1. Hello Hanaa , I love your Cinnamon-Swirl Pumpkin Rolls they are so light and fluffy like mine and delicious , I'm going to make these again but with cream cheese glaze..ÿummy"

  2. I'm just amazed that you got 12 rolls from half a recipe that called for 9! They must have been so cute. The originals really are too big.

  3. I was going to say the same thing that Dos Gatos said. They must have been adorable!

  4. Well it worked with 9, but 12 is much better. I had them curling up a little too, I guess that's just normal with these kind of rolls. And I totally agree about the glaze too!
    Lovely rolls.

  5. Your rolls look wonderful Hanaâ, and just the right size. I really enjoyed these and will have to make them again soon.

  6. Hi Hanaa,
    I like your mini-sized versions! Mine was really huge! I omitted the glaze too. Glad that these rollls were a hit with your family!

  7. My mouth is watering! I'll make these soon as I get home from my trip to Hamburg. And since I don't have to feed armies, either, I will use half the recipe, too.


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