Thursday, January 12, 2012

Triple Oat Bread

Would you like to start the new year with homemade bread that's wholesome, nutritious and above all, delicious? Don't look any further. Fellow blogger Karin, whom I'm proud to call a friend, is a bread baker extraordinaire. She makes bread baking look and sound so easy which is very encouraging. We both like to use weight measurements in our baking as well as use some whole grain flour in our breads. Those are just a couple reasons why I love her recipes.

This time she came up with a recipe for a Triple Oat Bread. It has oat bran, oat flour and rolled oats. Oh yeah! That's why her name for this bread is: "Feeling Your Oats". Oh, I'm feeling them alright. Yummy yummy in my tummy.

I'm "feeling my oats" :o)

I asked her for the recipe a few months ago and she kindly sent it to me. Finally, at the end of last month, I had a chance to try it. I should really say, that I finally had the courage to try it. You see, the recipe uses a biga (a starter) as well as a soaker and to put it lightly, I was a bit intimidated. But if I am to grow in my bread baking journey, I had to take this next step. And so I did. I'm happy to report that it's not hard or scary at all :o)

Nice rise, huh?

The recipe is pretty straightforward. The ingredients for it are probably sitting in your pantry right now. Do yourself a favor and give this recipe a try. Let me also tell you that once I posted pictures of this bread in one of the Facebook Baking Groups, other people started asking for the recipe. Karin graciously offered to share her recipe with everyone on her blog. Thank you Karin, for giving everyone the chance to "Feel their oats" :o)

Final thoughts/tips:
  • Hubby and I both loved this bread. When you smell the top of the loaf after its baked, you can really smell the toasted oats on top. It doesn't smell "yeasty" at all.
  • The bread makes a great sandwich bread for both savory and sweet applications. It's very oat-y with a soft, moist and tender crumb. It also has a slight tang from the buttermilk which I liked.
  • I didn't have oat flour but Karin said I could just grind rolled oats in a food processor or spice grinder, so that's what I did.
  • The only change I made was increase the water amount a little bit and add a couple Tbsp of ground golden flax seeds.
  • Next time I'll bake this bread in a 9x5 loaf pan instead the glass 8x4 Pyrex pan. The bread didn't have much room to expand and was ever so slightly dense at the very bottom.
  • Btw, this bread freezes really well. I like to freeze it sliced so that I can take out what I need.
  • Now go ahead and bake. You can find the recipe HERE. Thanks Karin!!
  • I'm submitting this post to YeastSpotting!


  1. That is a magnificent loaf of bread! Way to go for braving biga-land. A whole new area of bread baking is in front of you. Way to go!!!

  2. Okay Hanaa - looks like an amazing loaf. I love oats and I love bread.... this is a win-win! Thanks for posting the link.

  3. Very nice post, Hanaâ, I feel quite flattered! And the addition of ground flaxseed is a good idea.

  4. Wow this looks really yummy Hanaa! This is reminding me to get back into bread baking again. I used to even have a starter that I made out of pineapple juice and unbleached whole wheat flour but sadly neglected after I had my second child LOL. I think I'll make one again! :) thanks for sharing the recipe as well.

  5. Beautiful Loaf! Going to try it!

  6. Really nice looking loaves Hanâa! Glad you decided to go the biga/soaker way. I love loaves with oats on top, they smell and taste so good. (I also grind my own oatflour, it's easy).

  7. Hi Hanaa -- happy new year to you! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. And for sharing this gorgeous bread! I've been wanting to bake some yummy, healthy yeast bread, this looks like the perfect one. Yours is beautiful, so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you all so much for stopping and taking the time to write a comment :o) If any of you have tried this recipe, I would love to hear from you and hear about your experience with this recipe. Happy baking!!

  9. Looks delicious, Hanaa! You got a really nice crumb and the oats sprinkled on top are so cute. Yum!!

  10. A state fair entry? I can't believe in just a couple of months it will be time to register again! Hope you are doing well...judging by the look of this bread, you are!!


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