Sunday, December 6, 2009

Volcano Birthday Cake

A quick note to my SMS friends: I will be baking and posting my Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake for Sweet Melissa Sundays later this week. I will be getting my new oven tomorrow and decided to "break in" the new oven with this cheesecake :o)

When my friend asked me to make a "science-themed" cake for his daughter's birthday, I had no idea what to make. While strolling on the Vegas strip with my husband, I was telling him about the cake. At that point, we were walking by the Mirage which has a big Volcano in its "front yard". Hubby then said, "how about a volcano cake?". What a great idea!

My friend is very creative and wanted to add some special effects to the cake. His plan was to use dry ice and water to create smoke, and a foam cup with a balloon filled with baking soda, with a small syringe taped to it, containing vinegar, covered in "lava" (red icing). So to accommodate all this, I decided to bake 2 Bundt cakes and stack them on top of one another.

The bottom cake is a Chocolate Velvet Fudge Cake from Rose's Heavenly Cakes. The top is is a Chocolate Butter Cake from CakeLove. Both cakes tasted great; moist, tender and very chocolatey. The volcano was covered with my original Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting (something I wanted to try out for a while). It was great; light, creamy, chocolatey, with a little tang at the end.

Here are some other pictures:

The batter is silky smooth. Too bad I don't eat raw batter. This smelled great.

One cake baked in a Bundt pan and the other in an Angel Food Cake pan

The two cakes stacked, with 3 straws inserted in the bottom cake and a alu foiled wrapped cardboard in between for support

After the carving was done. The first cut was the scariest of all :o) Now it's ready for frosting.

A big volcano and a mini volcano!


  1. Aaah ! How my son would have loved this one! (In his "volcanoes are my favourite part of the world"age)

  2. Adorable... what a great way to use the two different shaped pans.


  3. Very nice! How were the special effects? did you get to see them?

  4. I LOVE Cakelove. The man has amazing cakes and actually describes how he approaches each recipe. Rose's Heavenly cakes is wonderful too. This cake must have been a huge hit with excitement for everyone involved. What kind of oven are you getting? I have an oven coming too, but not until Dec. 18th. My oven turns off by itself and fluctuates in temperature by over 40 degrees (either way) during a whole baking process. This has been going on for over 1 month so I can't wait =)

  5. What a great idea for the pie crust. I wrote what you said on the recipe already because we really enjoyed the banana cream pie.

    I could not even imagine making fish in my new oven. I am sorry, but hubby would just have to be fine with steamed fish cooked on the stove top =).

    My oven is the Electrolux 30" electric range with convection. Do you need to turn the temperature of the oven down 25 degrees from what the recipe calls for when you bake? and did your convection for the oven have instructions for how much shorter the baking period would be? I am so excited. I shopped for this stove over 6 months ago.

    I am going to look at yours now. I can not even imagine getting to bake with convection heat. You must be loving it!

  6. The window on your oven is HUGE and you have a feature that can remove odor? How cool is that?

    I love yours.

    The one we ordered is:
    sku# EW30EF65GB Electrolux

    Hubby liked the all black thing, even though the rest of our appliances are stainless steel. I have no idea why he had a decision in picking out the color since I do all the cooking. What I want to know is if you can really bake 3 sheets of cookies at a time without turning the cookie sheets mid baking, or if cakes bake perfectly?

  7. Here I didn't even know I could switch from convection to conventional baking. I was wondering from reading about the fans being to strong for souffles. You stated the same thing. I did not know about the temperature conversion either. I have no idea if I have an odor remover but if there was one, the right-up would have probably said so.

    I think I am more excited now then I was before . . . hard to imagine.

    So you still have to swap the cookie sheets, just not turn them. So, the reading manual sounds daunting. A whole new way of baking will take practice.

    Thank you the email address. It is so nice having an internet friend to talk to.


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